Episode 160 Exciting New Research On The Cerebellum

Do you have a child that struggles with school, or is struggling with learning in general? We have some brand-new and very promising research we will be sharing on this episode.

Guest: For the past 20 years, Wynford Dore has focused his attention on changing the world, one brain at a time, through Zing Performance.

Wynford hopes Zing Performance can help as many people as possible and will provide the successful results and feedback that can transform government policy on education.

Learn More about the Research Study here

The Zing Performance Program is a life-changing, natural intervention to help develop key learning and development skills for those experiencing poor learning skills, lack of focus, Stress, and loss of emotional control.

The focus is on harnessing your potential by developing skills, so they become more natural. As a result, there is more capacity and scope to learn the things you love.  Learn more at www.zingperformance.com or call  1-844-500-9464.