Mediterranean Diet Protects Men with Prostate Cancer

Mediterranean Diet Protects Men with Prostate Cancer
In my new book, Healing The Prostate, I review how the Mediterranean Diet (Med Diet) has anticancer effects on the prostate gland. The Med Diet has been shown in several studies to lower the risk of prostate cancer. One study found that men in a particular geographical area who closely followed the Med Diet had a 78 percent lower likelihood of having prostate cancer!
How effective is the Med Diet for men who have prostate cancer?

In my book, I cite a study published in the Journal of Urology that found a high adherence to the MD diet was associated with a lower prostate grading score as compared to a typical American diet. Now another recent study published in the journal Cancer reported that men with localized prostate cancer that closely followed the Med Diet had a lower risk of progression of their cancer. Justin Gregg MD, Assistant Professor of Urology at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and lead author of the study, noted that “A Mediterranean diet is noninvasive, good for overall health, as shown by this study, has the potential to effect the progression of their cancer.”

What is the Mediterranean Diet (Med Diet)?
The Med Diet consists of plenty of plant foods (fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, bread (whole grain), and unrefined cereals); lots of olive oil, moderate intake of fish; moderate consumption of alcohol; and low consumption of poultry, red meat, and eggs.
There are many components of the Med Diet that likely explain its anticancer effects. These include that it is high in polyphenols. These polyphenols are potent plant antioxidants, have anti-inflammatory effects, and also have beneficial effects on gene expression. Also, the diet contains lycopene (as found in tomatoes), which is a phytonutrient that also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. The Med Diet helps people lose weight and improve insulin resistance. Prolonged elevated insulin levels is a known factor for various cancers as it stimulates abnormal cell growth and weakens the immune system.
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