Episode 238 Leaky Gut, Digestion, and Acid Reflux.

We have a large topic to cover on this episode, will talk about the importance of Digestion, some of the challenges people face, including Leaky Gut, Acid Reflux, and much more.
Leaky gut syndrome wreaks hav­oc on immune function and nutri­tional status. When the gut “leaks,” the immune system believes that it has been invaded by foreign bodies and goes on attack. It produces an­tibodies, which can inflame the gut and further damage the intestinal lining. This inflammatory response can result in the worsening of sys­temic symptoms, such as fatigue, ar­thritis and headache, among others.
In addition, leaky gut syndrome decreases nutritional absorption. When your gut does not efficiently absorb food, you can develop se­rious nutritional deficiencies that worsen the problems. The only way to stop the cycle is to support your digestion.
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