Episode 242 Signs & Symptoms of Advanced AGING

We have a great show planned for you today and we will cover everything you need to know about advanced aging. More importantly the things you need to avoid and the things you need to incorporate. Aging is a natural process and not a disease. It is something we all will experience and deal with in hopefully a positive manner. Ideally, numerous benefits attend old age: wisdom; the pleasure of watching your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren flourish; and the time to help others and to enjoy life fully.
Normal aging occurs when old cells start dying at a faster rate than new ones are generated. Since the body’s tissues have a smaller supply of cells to draw upon, they begin to degenerate and malfunction. This process happens to everyone; it’s simply a natural part of life. It appears our cells are pre-programmed to have a maximum lifespan. Yet the key is to prevent premature aging; where one ages faster than their genetic programming. In addition, most will agree that quality of life is paramount to lifespan.





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