Air Pollution Linked to Dementia

The air you breathe may be one of your most significant risks for developing dementia! An eye-opening study demonstrated the link between air pollution exposure and dementia!
The study I am referring to was published in the mainstream BMJ Open. It found an association between London residents and being diagnosed with dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease. You can see why this study was important to those in Great Britain since Alzheimer’s disease is the leading cause of death in England and Wales! This study comes out on the tails of a review of 18 studies on the same topic. It too found evidence of air pollution exposure and increased risk of dementia.
Where Do You Live?
Research shows that air pollution, particularly in high traffic areas such as inner cities, exposes the brain and nervous system to compounds and gases that lead to inflammation and degeneration of the brain.  Exposure to high levels of fine particulate is associated with smaller brain volume. As well, this type of pollution damages the nervous system and cardiovascular system. Air pollution contains several harmful components, including particles (or particulate matter), gases (such as nitrogen dioxide and ozone), organic compounds, and metals.
There are numerous studies now demonstrating air pollution and dementia link. For example, a large study conducted in Ontario, Canada, found that living close to major roads (especially those who lived in major cities) is associated with a higher incidence of dementia. Another study published in The Lancet showed a clear relationship between the risk of dementia and how close one lived near a major road. If the distance from the road was less than 50 meters (164 feet), the risk increased 7%; if 50 to 100 meters, there was a 4% increase; and if 100 to 200 meters, the risk increased by 2%. One of the lead authors noted, “Increasing population growth and urbanization has placed many people close to heavy traffic, and with widespread exposure to traffic and growing rates of dementia, even a modest effect from near-road exposure could pose a large public health burden.” There is also evidence that breathing in particulate matter, even at low doses, increases the risk of stroke and cognitive decline.
You Need An Air Strategy
If you are planning to move, then strategize to stay clear of high-traffic roads. If you are living in a high-traffic area, then it is vital to protect yourself. Even the Environmental Protection Agency (which often suppresses environmental health hazards) recommends portable HEPA air filtration be used in your rooms. Also, upgrade the air filterers in your furnace or central heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning system. There are also several better technological air filters on the market readily available.
Whole Body Detox
I would also advise regular sauna therapy to help your body eliminate toxins from the environment that you have been exposed to. Once weekly, sauna therapy would be important for those exposed to outdoor pollution. Drink an electrolyte solution before, during, and after each sauna to prevent mineral depletion.
And don’t forget daily supplementation that protects your cells against the damaging effects of pollutants and helps cells to eliminate them. Make sure to take detoxification supplements regularly, such as our glutathione plus (one capsule one to two times daily), Liver Wellness (two to three capsules daily), and our Supreme Multi (two to four capsules daily).
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