Ep 269 Delicious Superfoods that support daily nutrition

Our special guest, Shanais Pelka is a Nutritionist and formulator
for Organifi. She shares with us her amazing personal story and dives into
the ingredients that are in some of Organifi’s world class juices. You will learn
the true power of taking adaptogens and how it can transform your body to be
better able to cope with the daily stressors we all face.
Organifi Green Juice is a USDA certified organic adaptogenic blend with a VERY special
ingredient that makes it way different than any other: a full clinical dose of KSM-66
ashwagandha. This organic extract is clinically shown to reduce cortisol, lower stress, and support weight management.

Organifi Green Juice is certified to be glyphosate-residue-free. And if you listen to my podcast regularly, you’ve heard me talk with incredible guests about how glyphosate is a hormone and fertility disruptor, along with countless other dangers.