Natural Allergy Solutions

We are now in the Spring season and my patients are starting to report seasonal allergy symptoms. Tree pollen reactions are common in the spring and then late spring/summer people start reacting to grass pollen, flower pollen, and mold. Some people have year-round allergies and require ongoing treatment.
Common allergy symptoms
Runny nose
Congested sinus
Sore throat
Watery and/or itchy eyes
Sinus pressure and pain


Beware of Allergy Medication Side Effects
There are several over-the-counter and prescription drugs for allergies. These medications are sometimes needed for severe allergies. However, beware of potential side effects. For example, antihistamines may cause drowsiness, dizziness, dry mouth, and difficulty urinating. In addition, decongestants may cause insomnia, loss of appetite, digestive upset, nervousness, and dizziness.
The Combination Allergy Solution
I have had very good results in helping patients with allergies with natural products which gently but effectively reduce an over-reaction by the immune system that causes common allergy symptoms.
Quercetin Phytosome®
Quercetin is a natural compound found in foods and when used in higher concentrations in supplement form it works well to control allergies. A study of people with mild to moderate asthma and allergies (rhinitis) involved supplementation with Quercetin Phytosome® 250 or 500 mg daily along with standard drug treatment or standard drug treatment only. The researchers found that after 30 days the group receiving combination treatment had superior results for reducing daily and night symptoms of asthma, decreased use of inhalers, nasal drops, rescue medications, and improved rhinitis (hayfever) score.
It is important to note that this study used Quercetin Phytosome®, which is a unique form of supplemental quercetin shown to have significantly higher absorption than regular quercetin. In fact, one study demonstrated Quercetin Phytosome® to achieve up to 20 times higher blood levels than regular quercetin. Our Quercetin Wellness supplement contains this well-studied form of quercetin.
Additional Natural Support
For a stronger 1-2 punch, I often recommend our Allergy Wellness product in addition to our Quercetin Wellness. Allergy Wellness contains Nettle Leaf powder, which has been traditionally used by herbalists and Naturopathic Doctors for the treatment of hayfever. Nettle leaf has been shown to inhibit histamine receptors and was shown in one study to be more effective in resolving allergic rhinitis symptoms than traditional medication. Please note that it is the leaf portion of nettles that is used for allergies, not the root form.
The formula also includes vitamin C for reducing inflammation and allergies, bromelain for sinus and lung inflammation, and eyebright for eye inflammation.
It is best to get on top of your allergy symptoms with the use of effective natural products. If your symptoms are severe and require medication, then I still recommend natural products that may allow you to use less medication or to not need medication long-term.
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