Ep 338 Causes & Symptoms of Yeast and Fungal Infections.

Candida albicans is one of the many types of fungi that live and grow inside most
human bodies. Normally, Candida causes no harm; our bodies are equipped with
probiotic (or “friendly”) bacteria and immune cells that keep it under control.
However, some medications, high-sugar diets, allergies, and other factors can all
cause the friendly bacteria to die, leaving Candida free to grow unchecked in parts
or all of the body.
Sometimes the fungus spreads throughout the entire body in a condition known
as systemic candidiasis. This disorder can produce any out of a wide variety of
symptoms and is often at the root of a persistent, mysterious illness.
For those with dramatically weakened immune systems, systemic candidiasis is a
grave threat, as the fungus can actually poison the blood.