NAD+ For Energy and Anti-Aging

There is a relatively new, all-natural nutrient that I have been using with patients recently. The common name is NAD+, but the technical term is nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide.
NAD+ is a big deal for those who study biochemistry and molecular nutrition. NAD+ plays a vital role in all your cells by helping to create energy and support cellular repair. The building blocks of NAD+ are found in small amounts in certain foods such as mushrooms, fish, green vegetables, yeast, and cow’s milk. Your body makes NAD+ from these foods that contain vitamin B3. Also, exercise and fasting increase NAD+. The supplement form is used for those who need additional support for energy production and improved cellular function.
The Need For NAD+
NAD+ acts as a coenzyme to speed up chemical reactions in your cells. The most important function is to help support energy production in the energy-producing factories of your cells, known as mitochondria. Your cells need the energy to carry out all your body functions, including cognitive performance, exercise, detoxification, and even for your genes to work. The better your energy production (ATP), the better your body functions.
It is now recognized that aging and the development of chronic disease are partly attributed to reduced mitochondria and thus energy production. NAD+ levels decrease by more than 50% after the age of 40.  The levels of NAD+ also decrease from alcohol consumption, lack of sleep, and high exercise activity. Conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s, cardiovascular disease, muscle wasting, and weakened immunity have exhibited low NAD+.
In addition, NAD+ supports cell repair by supporting enzymes that regulate cell activity, stress resistance and increase lifespan (known as sirtuins) and cell repair (known as PARPs).
Boost NAD+ with Science-Based Supplement
The form of supplemental NAD+ studied most in-depth is Tru Niagen®, also referred to as nicotinamide riboside. As the name somewhat implies, Tru Niagen® is a unique form of Niacin (B3). Fortunately, Tru Niagen® does not cause the flushing and side effects that many people experience with Niacin.
Tru Niagen® has 15 clinical studies that have demonstrated the efficacy and safety of this super-nutrient. There are also more than 200 preclinical studies that have been completed on Nicotinamide Riboside. Several safety studies have confirmed that supplemental Tru Niagen® is very safe.
Tru Niagen® has been shown to increase NAD+ levels by  approximately 51% at a dose of 300 mg after 8 weeks of supplementation. The higher the supplemental dose of Tru Niagen the higher the blood levels of NAD+.
I usually recommend people who supplement Tru Niagen® take 500 mg one to two times daily. People that have severe fatigue or chronic health problems may start at 500 mg twice daily and in the future may only need 500 mg as a maintenance dosage.
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