Diet Reverses Diabetes!

For many years nutrition-oriented doctors such as myself have stated that Type 2 diabetes can often be reversed with dietary changes. This claim was based on what we witnessed with patients and tracking them with objective laboratory analysis. However, the reversing of diabetes with diet was labeled as dangerous and irresponsible by many in the conventional medical system.

Reversed Belief System

Now in a complete reversal, the American College of Lifestyle Medicine published a consensus statement which includes: “diet as a primary intervention for T2D can achieve remission in many adults with T2D [Type 2 diabetes] and is related to the intensity of the intervention; and “diet as a primary intervention for T2D is most effective in achieving remission when emphasizing whole, plant-based foods with minimal consumption of meat and other animal products.”

I happily accept those in the medical establishment who have admitted to being wrong on this issue for so long. Diet and exercise are the foundation for preventing and reversing diabetes.

Additional Risks For Diabetes

However, there are other factors I have written about regarding diabetes risk. These include:

• Toxin Exposure-such as mercury toxicity

• Prolonged stress-high levels of the stress hormone cortisol increase blood glucose

• Poor sleep-insomnia and conditions such as apnea are risk factors


In addition, there is some excellent research on natural compounds that help the body to lower glucose levels. You can read about them in my book Prescription for Natural Cures. One such compound is the herbal extract known as berberine. It has impressive published research, which I reviewed on a YouTube video at



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