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Dr. Mark Stengler is one of the most respected integrative doctors in America. He was voted 2021 Doctor of the Decade by the prestigious International Association of Top Professionals. He is also a best-selling author and co-host of the syndicated radio show Forever Young.
Patients from around the world travel to Southern California to be treated by Dr. Stengler at his acclaimed Stengler Center for Integrative Medicine, where he specializes in treating complex medical conditions and helping his patients enjoy the robust health they deserve.
His secret is all about a balanced approach to health. As a Naturopathic Medical Doctor, Dr. Stengler received extensive training in both conventional medicine and natural alternatives. He also holds a Master of Science degree in Human Biology. Dr. Stengler also has a certificate in Advanced Metabolic Endocrinology from The Metabolic Medical Institute. To provide his patients the best in healthcare, Dr. Stengler is always striving to learn more. That means his readers and patients benefit from the advantageous combination of modern technology and evidence-based natural therapies. Also, Dr. Stengler holds a Master’s degree in Religious Studies and a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts.
He has served as a medical expert on several television shows. He has also hosted his own popular weekly TV show “Natural Healing with Mark Stengler,” which was seen on PBS and cable stations all across the nation. Dr. Stengler has been involved in two PBS documentaries on holistic health and was the host of a PBS educational and fundraising show, “A to Z Guide to Healing Yourself.” He was also the host of the highly successful “Beyond Chemo” documentary series seen by several hundreds of thousands of viewers. Also, he was the host of “The Balanced Body Hormone Summit.” As well, Dr. Stengler served on a medical advisory committee for the Yale University Complementary Medicine Outcomes Research Project.

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In addition to authoring 30 books on health and several best-sellers such as “The Natural Physician’s Healing Therapies,” “Prescription for Natural Cures,” “Prescription for Drug Alternatives,” and “Outside the Box Cancer Therapies,” Dr. Stengler has been published in several peer-reviewed medical journals such as The International Journal of Family & Community Medicine, Endocrinology & Metabolism International Journal, and Journal of Nutritional Health & Food Engineering.



Dr. Stengler lives in San Diego County, California, with his wife and children. He finds that sunny San Diego is the perfect location for him to pursue his active lifestyle with his family.

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“I came in to see Dr. Stengler because I was tired all the time. It seemed like I had chronic fatigue. He tested me and then put me on some natural products. I feel so much better and super happy now.”


A Very Happy Lady

I was experiencing bouts of fatigue that lasted from a day or two, up to weeks at a time. I went to a number of doctors who told me there was nothing wrong with me. But still, I had bouts of fatigue that threatened to leave me jobless. I found Dr. Stengler and after telling him my symptoms, he told me I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. His treatments got me back to work, and over time, back to normal energy levels.

Edward – Back at work

I’m post breast cancer and i have been seeing Dr. Stengler for nearly two years. I come to see him for high doses of vitamin C once every month…and i will continue to do so for the rest of my life.

Linda – Enjoying life