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For 20 years, we’ve been teaching American’s how to feel their best.

Dr. Mark Stengler is one of the most respected integrative doctors in America. He was voted the 2019 Doctor of the Year by the prestigious International Association of Top Professionals. He is also a best-selling author

Episode 142 Digestive Problems And How They Can Affect The Brain

  On this episode we will cover digestive problems and how they can affect the brain and other systems of the body. Guest: Doug Kaufmann,...

Episode 141 Arming The Body’s Defenses With Ancient Herbs And Superfoods

  In this episode we cover helpful ways to help Optimize Your Immune System: Arming the Body’s Defenses with Ancient Herbs and Superfoods. Jordan Rubin CO-FOUNDER &...

The Silent Thyroid Epidemic

The Silent Thyroid Epidemic Perhaps you are one of the millions of Americans who have one or more signs and symptoms of low thyroid such...

Do you have Estrogen Dominance?

Dr. Stengler’s News and Breakthroughs Women: Do you have Estrogen Dominance? Your gynecologist or family doctor may never tell you that you have estrogen dominance…but if...

Episode 140 Hypo Vs Hyperthyroidism

    We have a great show planned, will focus our show on Thyroid Health, and the different types of Thyroid conditions that seem to be...

Episode 139 The Dangers Of Not Getting Enough Sleep..

  We have a great show planned for you today and will focus our discussion on Insomnia and sleep related issues. Nothing feels better than...

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