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For 20 years, we’ve been teaching American’s how to feel their best.

Dr. Mark Stengler is one of the most respected integrative doctors in America. He was voted the 2019 Doctor of the Year by the prestigious International Association of Top Professionals. He is also a best-selling author

Episode 186 The Longevity Matrix, how to live better, stronger, and longer!

We have a great Episode planned for you sharing on the The Longevity Matrix, how to live better, stronger, and longer! Guest: Michael T....

Episode 185 How children and adults across the world are unleashing their full potential

We often think that learning stops as we reach adulthood. Some think that if core skills like reading and concentrating didn’t develop at school,...


Headaches are all too common with Americans. According to the National Headache Foundation, over 45 million Americans suffer from chronic, recurring headaches. About 20% of children...


Judging from the great number of exhausted patients I see, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is an extremely common medical problem. Yet surprisingly, health-care providers can’t seem to...

Episode 184 How Digestion impacts overall health

We have a large topic to cover and that is Digestion. We will talk about the importance of Digestion, some of the challenges people...

Episode 183 All you need to know about at home Test kits

On this episode we will talk candidly about the value at home test kits. We will highlight the following: -Benefits of lab tests at home -What...

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